Friday, March 08, 2013



So far, spatial has been some what challenging and it has been quite the learning experience. The spatial experience is different from what we have been learning in our other design courses the past couple of years because it is a discipline that lives in a three dimensional space and requires interaction for it to be successful.

This interaction calls for an emphasis on scale. Having the correct scale can determine how successfully it functions in the space, such as directional way finding. The scale of the structure should not overwhelm the space but it should be large enough for the viewer to see at a distance. One can not determine the success of scale without putting it in context. Understanding the context and doing so very early in the process can effect how successful it is in the end. Sketching for an environment is not as easily done on the screen as if you were designing a poster. The designer must go into the space and see for themselves how each element will fit.

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