Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DP: Week 7

This past week we had midterm presentations in which we had to present   our progress. This put a bit of a fire under my ass to produce the visuals for my degree project. Luckily, I have known the shade of green to apply to this system for quite sometime, but it was the interface and functionality of the mobile app that I needed to really sit and ponder.

I turned to my subject matter for inspiration. No one really carries around cash or change for that matter. In fact, if my washer and dryer didn't require quarters I would never set eyes on loose change. But the coin has inspired the functionality of the app. The navigation has split the screen into quarters, much like the increments in which companies check their finances. Each of these quarters will flip to reveal the other side which holds the content.

The overall feel will look like this little swatch here. Im sticking to vibrant and happy greens and yellows with a hint of diagonal stripe. I chose to use Brandon Grotesque for it's fun yet refined qualities and I also threw in a little Eames Century for the numerals.

These are the piggy banks/reserves. I'm still not sure what the official name of these are yet. 

This is what the navigation screen will look like. 

This is an overview of the piggy banks/reserves. 

This is a view of an individual piggy bank/reserve once you have tapped on it for further specs.

I am still in the process of finding the right name for my system. I want to keep the name fun and accurate in describing the app, but I also want it to be memorable. I have entertained the possibilities of:




I have been plugging in each name into the sentence, "You haven't heard of _______________?" Of these candidates I like InCheck (for the obvious pun), but I am also on board with Squelch. This word sounds silly and is a bit strange but it means to restrain. More than likely, incheck might win. 

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