Wednesday, March 06, 2013

DP: Week 6

Below you will find my low content wire frames. This set of wire frames focuses on the creation of individual reserves. It includes the initial set up of creating a log-in and plugging in your bank account(s). As of this moment I have a few tweaks to make to these such as, being more clear about how the money pot feature works and working on the success navigation.

But overall I think I have the way my app is going to function. What I need to focus on now is the branding/look and feel/the entire design of this service. This is the fun part, or at least it should be. But right now I'm feeling a little nervous about visualizing this. Mostly because I am placing WAY too much pressure on myself to have something good, but I just need to take a breath and remember that exploring visually is the best part of this job.

I have a little bit of an idea of what I am envisioning, but as per usual I am going to let the content/subject inspire where it leads.

The Booklet
The tiny booklet that initiates this system is 12 pages. The size I'm working at is 2 in. x 3.5 in. The booklet will have an introduction, statistics, and where you can get the poster/app. Because the main artifact in this system is the app, I am going to design that first and then come back and apply it to the tiny booklet once I have nailed the visuals for the app.

The booklet is intended to advertise the system. It will start off with a little humor/sarcasm, then trail into a few statistics, and finally tell you how to acquire the app.

As previously mentioned I don't have a design direction, but I have played with the calendar that will be featured on the poster, which will now be presented to the user when they reach their 1 year mark with the app.

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