Friday, August 27, 2010

Why design you say...ey?

Design is one of the most influential forms of communication and this is why I love it. Everything, every book, every pen, every chair, every car, household items consists of elements like line, color, shape, form, and style. By manipulating these elements (and many more) you can change the personality of a product or its entire identity. I find it this idea brilliant in that I can convey any message I want by not only using words but also visually.

Response to Type & Image, Meggs:
I think that as graphic designers we are responsible for the perception we instill in people the moment that they view a work of design. We speak through the placement of "symbols, words, and pictures," but these visual elements have more meaning, more significance. I have always been aware that color, line, and placement on paper was a form of communication , but never actually applied the concept to my everyday life. I think that this has been something to be applied to everything I do, not just when I'm designing on paper or on the computer. Seeing the words that graphic design "transcends the dry conveyance of information, intensifies the message, and enriches the audience experience" make me giddy with the thought that this is what I'm doing with life.

Response to Graphic Design Source, Hiebert:
This article speaks of graphic design as an interface which is a perspective that I never considered. Which feels strange because it is very true. Although I gained some insight from the use of style and hoe it can sometimes get in the way of the message, I especially found satisfaction from the statement that "discovering the application of one experience of life to another." I liked this statement particularly because creativity doesn't just come from referencing images and visual properties that interest you, but from experiences in life, from moods and expressions and words spoken.

Response to Stefan Sagmeister: 
I find Stefan Sagmeister to be an exhilarating designer in the sense that he not only pushes himself in his craft and his style of communications, but pushes himself physically to make a strong, empowered statement that will surely resonate with the audience.

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