Thursday, August 26, 2010

BlackDotAssignment (partOne)

Documentation of my first Visual Communication assignment completed!




Dots. Who knew you could say so much with a round little form? I found this process to be challenging while doing it, than thinking about doing it. If than makes any sense. 

When I first heard Jamie talk about it I thought, "Oh hey, I can do that!", but this assignment required more time than I had anticipated. I took a large amount of time of figuring how much space is too much space, or if too much space is enough space or if the arrangement was at all communicative of the word. 

The way I approached the assignment was to first find the definitions of each word and make sure to incorporate the ideas that defined each word. Along with the definitions, I wrote a few words down that I associated with each word: verbs, emotions, objects. 

An observation from this assignment is that using thumbnails helped me in figuring out which compositions worked best. I found that the more thumbnails I required myself to complete, the further I pushed one idea from the last. 


  1. Any insight you can share? The blog is an opportunity to write a little about what you learned, your conceptual approach, or your process in arriving at these final pieces too.

  2. Great update. I'm glad to find out you did the extra research.