Monday, August 30, 2010

Find + Share

For my Find + Share assignment, I have found this little treasure to share. I was immediately struck by this poster because of the use of color, scale, and perspective.

This design employs many design elements but prominently employs proximity. The strategic placement of each block of text makes up a larger form that, as a whole, we interpret as a building. 

Alignment can also be seen. The text is aligned and spaced properly to make sure that the viewer can focus not only on the form that the text is creating, but also notice the text itself. 

Scale is another element used in this design. The largest text is in the center of the poster and counts as the mass of the building. As the eye moves higher to the top of the form, you can see that the text begins to get smaller thus creating the sense that we are looking at this building as a whole from below. 

Symmetry is very much visible in this design, along with repetition. With use of all these design elements I find this poster to be very successful and visually striking. 

1 comment:

  1. Good crit. Also correspondence. The pink rectangles visually connect the day and time - sunday 11-4.