Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Designing for Life.

Finally! After what seems like an e t e r n i t y, I can officially call the design building home! Although I feel slightly awkward about writing this blog, or any blog for that matter, I feel that writing this blog will only make me more productive. On to the process!

Day one began with a bit of confusion due to the uncertainty of my schedule, but after finally finding my correct classroom I felt ready to go. VisCom was my first class and Jamie Grey jumped into discussing communication through design. For our first assignment we were to communicate words by using 10 or less black dots. We were required to use the process of thumbnails to decide which three words to turn into 6x9 compositions. I actually liked this assignment, probably because I solve puzzles for fun, ya know the everyday sudoku, crossword, tetris (yes, its a puzzle), but I took it as an opportunity to work on my craft, something I have always placed on the back burner. I'm sure Jamie will keep me on my toes.

Day two picked up where we left off in visual communication. Jamie critiqued our compositions and spoke of the design elements that were employed throughout each of our compositions. On this same day i finally met Marty our typography teacher. Didn't get to spend much time with her since our class was cut short due to Convocation, but we got in some discussion and some drawing in what little time we had.

Already this year has begun better than last:)

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