Wednesday, April 03, 2013

DP:Week 10

This week has been all about clarity. I have been going through my mobile application this week tying loose ends and filling the holes I may have overlooked when initially creating this system.

While reviewing what I have made so far I realized that I forgot all about the tools that actually help you save your money. These tools allow the user to set hard limits on their spending. They can choose how much they spend at certain stores and utilize GPS features that remind them about the items in their piggy banks if they are at a store for too long so that they don't fully give into temptation.

With this in mind, I have omitted the money pot feature. The money pot was a place where you pull money from your bank accounts so the user can easily distribute it amongst their individual reserves. Upon reflection this step seemed unnecessary and forced the user to switch screens back and forth if they ran out of money in their money pot. I have found a better solution for this. Rather than having a separate place to pull money, I have incorporated a drop down menu that appears on the same screen where the user creates each individual reserve. This solution allows the user to see their accounts as they divide their money in the reserves.

I have also added a bevel effect to my interface so that the user can easily how much progress they have left until they reach their goal.I want the concept of "filling" to be felt throughout my app, just as a little reference to filling a piggy bank.

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