Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DP: Week 11

At this point in my degree project. I am in the initial stages of beginning my animation. And by beginning I mean preparing my files for proper and effective workflow. While this is my process blog on my journey to completing my degree project I suppose it's appropriate to log the things I have learned while producing.

First thing I've learned (thanks to McKenzie) is that illustrator allows you to choose devices as art boards so that in one click you can have the proper dimensions for your design. The second, and most importantly, is to maintain focus on designing for the final presentation. This being said, I have realized in this initial animation stage, that designing for the actual iphone 5 is fun. You can see your app in context and is physically in your hands at a beautiful high resolution, where it feels almost real, even though it's just a simple .png. The excitement for your app reaches an all time high (especially after trying everything in your power to make it not look pixelated for 4 days). But now these very high res files have a difficult time moving from place to place like say moving to and fro. Like say in After Effects? The file is so large that the smallest item on my screen falls off the composition in AE and doesn't even flinch when I try to move it. Essentially I will have to reduce my file size into a quarter of the original to make movement happen. A little reminder that the final presentation is what I should be designing for (DUH JESSICA!).A bit of a set back, wel not set back but longer preparation than intended. All shall be well.

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