Saturday, March 02, 2013

DP: Week 5

Well, this last blog post escaped me on Wednesday and didn't realize it until now, but here it is anyway because I need to figure out where it is I stand with my degree project. I've begun my low content wire frames for the mobile app. This was a good way for me to figure out just how the heck this app is going to work. I've been pondering which features I am going to focus on and have settled on showcasing the power of the piggy banks.

While the app allows you to track all of your spending, view monthly graphs, and easily access your balance, the piggy banks is what makes this application different form all of the others. And for this reason I have to make sure that the function of this is useful so that it can be a part of the users life as a tool not a recreational action of bordem. The piggy bank feature allows the user to move money around in their bank account into different reserves so that they can keep in mind what it is they are saving for.

The skeleton of the poster is also coming along. (Making circles line up is quite tricky, btw) The poster will allow for a for a fill-in-the-blank monthly goal to help save money. For instance, if you wanted to give up Starbucks coffee for the month you simply write in your goal and track whether or not you were successful each day for that month. Since the calendar is a full year, it would be difficult to stick to a rule such as this for 12 months. But if the user can stick to it for two months and decides that a third month would be miserable, then the user can change their goal for the next month to something less miserable. Little everyday reminders of reflection such as this can help you stay aware of the behavior you're trying to change. Kind of like in kindergarten when you colored in green, yellow, or red on your daily conduct folder. Isn't the saying, "one day at a time" usually the most effective?

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