Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DP: Week 4

This past week has been about nailing down content, finalizing wire frames, and finalizing formats. I've decided on creating a tiny booklet initiating my entire system. This little booklet will be about 8 pages and bound by a staple. Inside my audience will find a little information on finances, how to access the poster, and how to access the mobile application. While looking for inspiration for this booklet I came across a few options that caught my eye, but this little book which I found at Starbucks will serve as inspiration for my tiny booklet.

Current Perspective Lecture Calendar

Starbucks Gift Card Booklet (the winner!)

This is a quick run through of my wire frames. I'm currently in the process of creating wire frames that are a bit more in depth and actually resemble an iPhone.

As far as the poster is concerned I have decided to simplify by simply asking the question:

"Was I successful today?"

The poster will be a way of charting your behavior and efforts to making your goals happen. Since everyone has different goals the poster will have fill in the blanks for monthly goals. And each day the user will chart their progress. I'm looking into a circular motif calendar. I like this motif because while time is linear, it is also cyclical. I feel that being able to see the entirety of a journey is more successful than going page by page on a block like format. My inspiration for the circular calendar is this:

For our small group crit I am planning on making low content wire frames, a mock up of my booklet, and a rough sketch of my poster. Shortly after I hope to start the visual design. wooooo!

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