Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Those Francophiles

As we are creating advertisements for a subculture we are learning how to create a tailored message to maximize the user experience.

I have created a tailored message for the francophiles of Kansas City on behalf of Alliance Francaise. I have created a set of three coasters that speak to francophiles as they sit in their frequented cafes.

Each coaster makes references to French culture. The phrases are:

"We encourage Beaujolais Nouveau in the middle of the day"
This phrase refers to the appreciation the French have for wine.

"We order sans glace at every get together"
This phrase refers to France's custom of not including ice in every beverage and the fact that the Alliance Francaise is so authentic they also reject the American custom of ice.

"We believe in the lost art of flaneur"
I wanted to hit at the francophiles appreciation for leisure. Flaneur (I know now) is a common name for someone who strolls.

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