Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Question

What I'm most interested in is creating an experience for the audience that could enrich their daily lives. We constantly keep looking forward; constantly thinking about the next thing we have to check off our to do list. I would like to create something that captures the audience's attention in a subtle way, even some what hidden. The reasoning behind the hidden aspect is that if something is obvious, and you are granted something without any work the appreciation for it doesn't exist.

Catching someone's attention is easy, but keeping their attention is much more difficult. But I'll accept this challenge. I'd like to approach this with humor and keeping it entertaining.

One way I'd like to approach this is by tricking the eye. By hiding things in plain sight. I'd like to explore how color and texture can reveal or hide a message. With this directions I'd be exploring scale and public spaces. A message for the masses.

Another way I'd like to do this is by incorporating hidden typography into everyday routines. Possibly, even invading intimate spaces such as bathrooms, mirrors, libraries, windows. Creating a moment between one person and one message. This could be an opportunity to make these experiments very personal. Using close friends to explore how hidden typography in their daily lives impacts them.

I'd like to explore paper as a medium. Creating typographic installations with paper is where I'd like to venture. I'm not sure yet how I can incorporate this but paper can manipulated in many ways so I'd be curious to see how my first two approaches could inform how experiment with paper.

One goal to consider in my process is challenging the idea of instant gratification and wondering how much effort the audience will put into obtaining the message before they just walk away. I'm beginning to wonder if delaying a message could play part in my experiment.

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