Saturday, September 03, 2011

Beginning with Sound and Motion

Yesterday for Tyler we were to have a very short clip describing what we wanted to do. The typography compositions for Type 3 are very reminiscent to that of what happens on the dance floor. It's very directional, but ultimately I would like each composition not to have a specific orientation (a whole other ball game for T3).The idea is to, with sound and motion, bring the relationship between each pair of poems to life. The sharp turns, the fluid movement. I'm not sure why I couldn't quite communicate this in class yesterday. Or maybe I did and I just didn't make sense. Either way, I feel that feed back from every possible angle is a must.

At this point I plan on using two poems for my video. I also hope to use my type compositions as the foundation for hope my type will move on screen. (See next type 3 blog post for more info).

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