Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tender Buttons: Update

This past Monday I met with Kidwell and ran my concept by him. He approved, or at least thats what I got from our one on one.

The concept.
When reading through the poems I was drawn to the rhythmic movement of the words moving swiftly. Within the objects and patterns, I saw a pattern between the soft and the hard, the light and the heavy, the masculine and the feminine. I felt this was very much a dance, a tango if you will, between each pair. a dance is often thought of a conversation of the body. For every mood a different sound. A ballad for romance , a top 40 hit for adventure, a tango for sharp aggression. My compositions will reflect the movements, the motions, the tension, the passion. I have decided to focus on this movement between the pairs and employ it in each composition.

An example of the feminine/light/soft typography:

I have decided a 6x7 format would be best for my interpretation of Tender Buttons. I plan on creating a set of layers between the two realms by using different weights of paper, specifically a thin, translucent paper on top of a heavier paper. I would like the  both layers to be independently beautiful as well as create stronger compositions in unison harmoniously. 

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