Friday, April 08, 2011

Final Information Graphics


In the process of creating these information graphics I have learned that when communicating large amounts of information simplicity goes a long way. I began these infographs with having too much happening typographically and aesthetically. I simplified and kept a few typographic rules to help me steer clear of extraneous decorative elements. 

One of the requirements for this project was to incorporate our icons from our previous project. In "Top 9 Catholic Counties" I used my icon of the Virgin Mary to represent the Catholic religion. I also employed scale to reinforce the percentages of each population. The use of my icons in "The Liturgical Year" represent a portion of the calendar. The candle alludes to a prayer and the waiting for an act of God. This references the Advent season and its purposes about the time spent awaiting the birth of Christ. It seemed most appropriate to assign the Virgin Mary, the mother, to Christmas. For the Lent and Eastertide seasons I used the chalice and the monstrance to represent the body and blood of Christ. Both of these seasons are dedicated to celebrating His selfless death and His rising.  In the third infograph I applied my icon through repetition. The last infograph uses an icon per section; each plays a role in the mass. The stoup, which holds the holy water is placed in the first section because taking a few drops of the holy water prior to the beginning of the mass is customary. The Chalice is placed in the second section because it is used to hold the wine during the mass. 

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