Thursday, February 17, 2011

Constructed Image

For my final poster I decided to strip down my concept to the core essence of Edith Piaf. Although she had a very eventful and unconventional lifestyle, this was not what she chose to present to her audience. When Piaf performed she chose to leave her addictions and troubles in her dressing room and allowed her voice and body to speak for her. Piaf chose to wear very simple, black ensembles so that when she performed the only thing on stage was her words. It is evident she valued her artistic integrity above all.

After our first round with our posters, I have made some drastic changes to my approach. In the initial stages I mind mapped all the different characteristics that make up Edith Piaf, along with significant events that shaped who she was. I then tried to incorporate several ideas into one poster; the outcome was not very successful. I incorporated the idea of permanence through the use of cardboard, unconventional beauty through the use of an altered lipstick, and the use of the Eiffel tower to incorporate the essence of France. This resulted in a poster that was jumbled with a bit too much information coming from very different places.



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