Monday, February 14, 2011

Billboards Round 1

Today in Type II we brought in our first sketches of our billboard campaign. The objective was to sketch our campaign at a ratio of 1:80. We were asked to create the campaign using the concept of our choosing, the KCPT logo, a "Design is…" tag line, a web address, and the experimental typography compositions that is our "kit". Below are my initial sketches.

The concept behind my campaign is that risk taking and boldness are not only encouraged, but are crucial in the design process.    

With this approach I wanted to place emphasis on the visual language and connect it to my concept.



After critique with my classmates, and helpful advice from Marty I now see that my compositions are far too much alike. There is not enough variety or sense of experimentation. Clearly I need to take the advice of my campaign and EXPERIMENT!

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