Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Semester Reflection

This past semester has definitely been one of discovery and exploration. With each project I was able to learn about the fundamentals of design along with exploring not only who I am now as a designer, but also get a more clearer depiction of who i will become as a designer in the future.

One of the greater lessons that I have become aware of and has been carried out through each of our projects is that you have to be sure of what it is that you are trying to communicate. In my experience, it seems that if there is no certainty in my initial concept then every formal decision I make becomes more and more unstable or difficult to reach. Having a clear, concise direction makes every formal and conceptual decision that much more seamless.

As mentioned in a previous post I have recognized a few consistencies in my process that are somewhat inconvenient. I have the tendency to let my frustrations interfere with my performance and let it hinder the development of the project I am working on. I know that this awareness is something that I will carry with me for the rest of my time here at KCAI and will stay aware of through out my future in design. Becoming more familiar with the way my brain and body operate is one of the best things to figure out. When you are in formed on how you function then you know how to plan your process accordingly. Of course as designers we aren't always allowed the luxury of a comfortable amount of time to work on an assignment or job, but if we are aware of our own personal process then we are more likely to tailor our creative process into any set parameters.

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  1. "Having a clear, concise direction makes every formal and conceptual decision that much more seamless."

    So true - and this attitude will be very beneficial to you in future projects that are more self directed (junior and senior year).