Monday, December 06, 2010

Responding late... but responding none the less

Paul Rand is a designer best known for his logos. His view is the idea that content and form should relate equally and communicate as one unit. each of these elements rely on each other to be successful. It's all about balance and proper proportions. I relate this idea to when we were actually making our motifs. I know that I struggled to communicate the content through the form, mostly because I for some reason, found myself working backwards. I was creating marks and then applying content to them, which is not wrong, but in this particular project it was important to determine content before introducing mark making. By having a clear direction before actually creating marks, the balance between content and form will be much more balanced.

Stephan Bucher is a graphic designer and illustrator, among many other things.  In this video you get a closer look at how he creates these little monsters of his. The second I saw him lay the ink down on the paper and use air to manipulate the initial mark immediately spoke of the motifs we were creating. Bucher displays such a level of meaning behind the content of his monsters but does not force the mark to mean any thing other than what comes to him instantaneously. When the clip of how he animates these creatures plays, i thought of our own translation of our motifs. The monsters he creates already have that movement, they already have that sense of action, and by transforming them into an animation these qualities are only enhanced, not forced. I feel like this is the lesson that was mentioned during our final critique with our guest critique.

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