Monday, December 06, 2010

A little more wisdom...

This blog post could have come a bit sooner, but I have been submerged in school work for this post to finally make its appearance. After my final critique with Marty and my fellow designers I couldn't help but feel disappointed. More so with myself and the way I came about the final product. As Marty mentioned, I tend to let my frustrations get the best of me and allow myself to get stuck into one idea, this then leads to me settling with an idea or design that I am not 100% happy with. She noticed that this happened in our last typography assignment, particularly with my spreads. I was frustrated because I could not find a solution that I was happy with. Although it took me until the day before it was due to finally find a layout I was proud of, eventually, I did find a solution. This exact situation repeated itself while designing my final poster, but unlike the last project, I was not able to find that "aha!" moment (you know the moment that the minute you move a block of text two inches to the right and instantly you know you've made the right formal decision) before final critique.

After some time to think about this situation I realized that a moment of this exact kind of frustration has happened in every assignment. It happened in my mark making assignment with Jamie, where i was so frustrated that I could not see a thing other than what was in front of me. It took Jamie having to literally put a pen in my hand and open my sketch book to freshen up my approach. I mind mapped some more and it worked. I left my rut behind. Yes, this happened recently in viscom but it even happened all the way back when we were working on our dot book. I remember that I, at last minute, completely changed a typographic composition and it was a very good decision. It completely changed how it affected my book as a whole. Upon reflecting on this matter, it seems that if this is the way i operate, and this situation keeps repeating itself, then I need to work around it so that in future assignments I catch this frustration in time and can work through it on my own so that I can present a final product that I am proud of. A piece of information that I will apply to my work next semester.

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