Friday, September 17, 2010

Cover Ideas

There's a lot of directions I wanna go in regards to my book cover.  Ideally, I will find an old book at the thrift store that's the perfect size, cut it, and make my cover out of that.  I was hoping to emulate a classic fairy tale book with a golden monogram, but I'm not too sure how well I can construct a monogram. I plan on testing my monogram making abilities, however, I don't expect it to turn out well, so I have to be prepared with plan B. Not too sure what that plan B is yet so I have to come up with something new, fresh and effective. Below you can see my half-size book cover ideas, not the best, but it was a good starting point and it's taking me somewhere.


I was, also, thinking about incorporating gold leaf into my cover somehow.  Maybe the text or an outline. For now, I just have to keep exploring and testing. 

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