Friday, September 17, 2010

CFP Color Study

Assignment: Photograph 10 Color harmonies within a common theme

Thanks to Chris Chapin my excitement for this assignment has tripled. I am loving the fact that we get to incorporate photography into one of our assignments, especially one where we get to have so much creative freedom. My initial idea was to study color through packaging in a grocery store, especially the tones and variations created by the fact that every product is in multiples. I knew that this could be difficult to do just because in the past (naturally, being obsessed with my camera and taking it with me where ever I go) I have been told before by staff at my local Sam's store that I can not take pictures in their facility. I still want to explore this idea and see where I can take it, but there are other ideas lurking right behind it.

My second idea is to explore color through fabric. There are endless amounts of pattern and texture to work with. The possibilities are endless, which I find the most exciting of all.

My third idea consists of taking macro shots of various foods, fruits in particular. Fruits have naturally bright, beautiful color and interesting textures so I am almost one hundred per cent sure that I will be experimenting most with my third idea. I'll definitely have to talk to Chris in the process of testing.

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