Monday, May 13, 2013

SX: Project 2

For our final project in SX Collin and I decided to create a monument to the spirit of Sin City, Las Vegas. We knew that our monument would not be to an object or a person. This would not be a memorial to an important figure, but rather a celebration to everything that represents the spirit of Las Vegas.

The experience we wanted to create was one that could be actively integrated into everyday life (in Sin City), not one you visit solely on special occasions. Usually, a monument calls for a visit at a particular time of year, suggests recognition of a particular event, or to evoke a particular emotion. Our monument allows the viewer to create their significant moment by declaring a divorce from their past and saying hello to new adventures in Sin City.

With this monument, one of our goals was to challenge the idea of a monument. We asked ourselves how we could create an experience that is atypical, but still maintain an element of importance and legitimacy. This was a bit of a challenge considering that we wanted to approach this monument with the idea that this monument was an opening into the earth. We decided that it was best with our concept that the hole not look man made, that it look like mother nature herself could not stop this gate from forming.

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