Tuesday, May 14, 2013

SX: Project 2 FInal

The design and principles of Dieter Rams all seem to chime a central tone, that the product must be honest about what it is and not try to aspire to anything beyond it's practical usefulness. This is echoed in decisions of form and complexity and often the results are extremely streamlined and in this way bold in their own right. Our Rams exhibit Dieter Rams: Design Principles in Action focuses on walking the audience through various experiences that break that mold, contrasting, refining, reducing, and manipulating these experiences that oppose his principles. The hope is that through the process of understanding each task or moment of engagement, the associated principle will be given new light.

Our color palette is subdued much like many of his products. The type used for the title is more ornate, calling out that contrast that we're looking to establish as a theme, while the body type is also subdued.

An example of a task that an exhibit goer could take part in is that of the principle of understandable. There are a large pair of dice, one with the front halves of animals printed on them, the other with five blank sides and a bowling ball printed on one. This illustrates the failure of a product that you know the core purpose of, yet it is not self explanatory because of confusing form or unneeded

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