Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Degree Project: Week 3

This week we gave our first presentation about our degree project and received feed back from Marty and my peers. (You can have a peek at my presentation in the post below) The feedback I received in class brought the idea of curation into the foreground, considering the two different experiences between each route of participation, and the idea of logging behavior. With these ideas in mind, I can develop a holistic experience for the user that spans on-the-go, at home, and in their everyday environment. 

I'm still in the works of finding the right partner for this project. I'm looking for an existing service or company that I can plug this project into. I've considered Mint, The Money Museum, Sallie Mae, and a couple other services, but these do not seem to be the right fit for my audience. Being a member of my target audience, I have a pretty good understanding that any email I get from Sallie Mae I either skim and delete or ignore and delete. I'm also aware that a museum offering some kind of service might be dry and not very helpful. This leads me to wonder if I can plug this service into an unexpected place, but still have it make sense to group the two together. Perhaps instead of thinking about where money originates, maybe considering plugging it into the places where you spend it. I don't like being told via mail or by someone who hands out flyers on the plaza to enroll in something, but I do however enjoy coming across things as I am going about my business. If something is sitting on the check out desk and it looks intriguing…I pick it up. 

According to my timeline right now I should be gathering financial information for my booklet. I need to first educate myself before I can educate others, so that's where I am right now. Gathering the information so that I can relay it in a more simplified way.

This weekend I will begin working on how my system will function as a narrative. 

The remaining timeline that's going to keep me in check is as follows:

Week 4
Begin wire framing for app/ workout narrative
-2 scenarios

Begin branding and language
-finish wire frames
-explore two directions
-decide on language and tone

Week 5
Continue branding and language
-work on finalizing branding designs
-work on finalizing branding designs poster and what it's going to look like, what kind of graph? what does it look like?

Week 6
Begin applying design to Kit of Parts
-begin designing calendar, booklet, stickers

Week 7
Finish designing Kit of Parts
work on designing poster, booklet, calendar stickers

Week 8
Begin designing Mobile App
- complete scenario 1

Week 9
Work on designing App
-complete scenario 2

Week 10
Finish/Refine App/Begin Animating
print Kit of Parts

Week 11
Complete Animation

Week 12
Document and Add to portfolio! Complete Process PDF

Week 13

Proof that my iCal is being utilized effectively and accordingly. (it's green for dolla bills)

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