Monday, January 28, 2013

The Question

My curiosity began with a fascination with books. The book is one of the greatest inventions in history that is transitioning into a digital media and the physicality of a book is no longer necessary. Though the book as an object has not become extinct, my initial reaction to this transition is to wonder how to bring excitement and richness to the reading experience. Books can hold an emotional attachment between reader and story and, like a song, we willingly go back to a book for numerous playbacks because we hold it dearly and enjoy it so much. While this sentiment is important for me to incorporate into my project, I can't help but feel that this isn't enough for me. I want this element of attachment to a physical object to exist throughout my process but I can't allow it to be the focus of my project because I feel it lacks a sense of practicality. I am first a creative, but as a designer I want to use my skills to solve a real life problem that many can find that it improves their life a in real way.

 With this in mind, I recently had a disgusting experience with my bank. Suffice it to say that my respect for banks has plummeted. The information given to me was unclear and misleading and in the end I felt unappreciated as a customer and, honestly, a little bit deceived. I want to improve how financial information is given to and understood by the customer so that the banking experience is a pleasant one, not a dreaded one. So, how exactly the book angle comes in here at this point, I am not 100% sure, but I know that it will have a place in this endeavor even if it is not the main focus. So the question I propose is…

How can graphic design provide a richer experience of data?

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