Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DP: Week 1

Upon reflecting on my goals for my degree project the question I currently have has the need for modification. I left the question broad because I was not sure of what direction I was going in, but I've decided to narrow the scope to the banking experience.

So the question at hand now lives in my world best phrased as:
How can graphic design improve the banking experience?

As I previously mentioned, banking isn't always the most pleasant experience and can be difficult to get the information you are looking for. While this is a problem, I feel that most banks aim to please their customers, but often fall short. Why is this? Why is it that more people don't brag about the place they allow to keep their money? One of my next steps to answering this question is talking to a few different people about their banking experience, preferably in a wide variety of ages and use of technology. I have a few survey questions lined up and ready to distribute about the banking experience. 

While I acquire the research for customer satisfaction, I have been thinking about possible solutions to this problem. I would like to ponder the mixture of print and multi-media. A multi-media (online/Mobile/interactive) experience will allow the users to access their information at any time, while the print media will allow for a more personal channel of communication.

After talking to Marty, I've decided to narrow my audience to the young adult. Mostly because that is what I know and can access this audience more easily than say a more seasoned age group. 

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