Saturday, October 06, 2012

Our Final Presentation

In our system, we are proposing a memory box. This memory box can provide both the Alzheimer's patient and their caregiver comfort through the inevitable ups and downs of the disease. Our community consists of those living with the disease and those with a loved one living with this illness. Our online system is providing a way to preserve memories, both physically and digitally, both of the patient and their loved ones. More importantly and separately, as an offline activity, it is improving the quality of life for the patient by stimulating their senses by connecting them to their loved ones. It is also providing a coping mechanism for the families in preparation for the devastating eventual outcome of the disease. This memory box serves to immortalize an individual so that their presence and legacy will live on for generations to come.

Our three devices: The memory box meant primarily for the patient, the online hub to serve as a means to input, output, and archive, and our third device is the application for the iphone which serves solely as an input device.

Our presentation:

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