Tuesday, May 08, 2012

ADA Awards

For the Adobe Design Achievement Awards I am planning on entering my coasters from project 2: a tailored advertisement.

For our User Experience class we were prompted to create a tailored advertisement for a subculture through a sponsor or organization. My chosen subculture was francophiles, people very fond of France and the French culture. I created a set of three coasters to be placed in coffee shops that francophiles frequent. Each of the coasters has a phrase that reference the French culture as Francophiles understand it.

Coaster 1 reads as, "We believe the flanuer is a lost art". A flanuer is one who enjoys a stroll, an activity the French value in their everyday lives. 

Coaster 2 reads as, "We enjoy beverages sans glace at every meal". One of the customs in France is to not include ice in beverages. 

Coaster 3 reads as, "We encourage Beaujolais Nouveau in the middles of the day". A glass of wine is never a bad call in the middle of the day in France.


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