Sunday, January 29, 2012

This Week's Readings: Type 4

After having some time to ponder last class periods discussion I've thought more about the idea of experimenting. Experimenting is to ask questions beyond the convention of what is already considered typography. Using materials to create new and fresh things; an end product or process that no one has ever seen before.

The readings made a good point about the act of creating new things comes from the unknown factors. Not knowing where something is headed allows more room for the imagination to flourish. It's kind of like knowing when you're going to die. If you knew when and how and where your life would end life would not be as exciting.In fact I'm not sure if I knew how my life would end up, I'm not sure I would do half of the things I do everyday.

In my initial brain storming sessions I noticed a little bit of a pattern. I kept thinking of ideas that would trump the last. And while it's may be an effective way to intensify and take an idea to the next level, it may not be the best way to experiment. I feel one important thing to remember is that experimenting is not about extravagance, and that's exactly the mind set I had. If the only goal is to trump past ideas we aren't necessarily moving forward with meaning, just moving forward in showmanship.

As of this moment I'm not really sure which direction I am going in, but I know I'm interested in the route in which the typography travels from the medium to the viewers eye and experimenting with the amount of time it takes the viewer to receive the message.

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