Friday, November 18, 2011


The Concept: To reference the idea of a community coming together to build a solid structure and to emphasize the positivity that comes with it.

What I have learned from this project is how to apply the lessons learned from our last project (the interactive timeline). In that project I was an AfterEffects neophyte, overwhelmed and constantly anxious from the lack of understanding the program and it's shortcuts. I began this project with a clean slate, willing to forgive and forget the constant bullying AE brought to my life.

With this logo build I planned further ahead and had a very clear and concise way to group my 122 layers. Working with sound in this project was an intimidating task, simply because there is a huge difference between  a voiceover and a sound mark. A voice over directs and informs, but a sound mark sums up the soul of an identity in only a few seconds. If the wrong sound mark is applied to a brand its message could be horribly misconstrued.

In order to create a proper sound mark for the crossroads, I spoke to Bethany about what she had imagined as the voice of the crossroads. She led me to something quite the opposite of what I had envisioned. I had envisioned a very fast paced, compilation of sounds; she gave me a track of the Velvet Underground. This track has charisma and sentiment, something I feel applies to the Crossroads.

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