Wednesday, September 28, 2011

F+S: Packaging

Brand: Tom's

Name: Wicked Fresh!

Mode of Appeal: Pathos. I considered this packaging Pathos because of its imagery and color palette. There is a small image of mint on the bottom right corner telling the consumer that this product will provide a fresh sensation.

Consumer Experience Audit: The consumer thought the color palette to be appropriate, but did find the texture on the white packaging unattractive. They found a connection between the texture and the unsterile environment in ones mouth. The logo was thought to be memorable. 

Analysis: I agree with the consumer on all counts. Additionally, I feel that the typography could use some work. The hierarchy is somewhat successful, but it could use a bit more drama and a few of the awkward spaces between the type could be much more refined. I would like to take this product from pathos to logos. The top of the package has all sorts of facts that could be selling points, but the wrong method is currently employed here. By turning this product into a logos this packaging could be more inviting and thus more successful. 

Brand: Bohemia Clasica

Name: Bohemia Clasica

Mode of Appeal: Ethos. I considered this packaging Ethos because of its endorsement from the iconic Frida Kahlo. They are using her name and face to suggest connotations of the person that consumes this product. 

Consumer Experience Audit:The consumer found a disconnect between Frieda Kahlo and the product. The color palette was thought to be exotic, but has a dominance of a desert. 

Analysis: I too agree with the consumer, however I feel that there is a connection between the name, Bohemia, and the ornate design and color palette. I would like to turn this Ethos into a Pathos by creating a stronger connection to the art world of Frida Kahlo. The selling point of this product is Frida Kahlo; she is the limited edition that makes you want to purchase it. This packaging also stood out because of the muted and monochromatic color along with a hint of elegance with the ornate, gold embellishment. With beer being traditionally for men, I feel that this product is geared towards women, but right now it is not very clear. By turning this product into Pathos and playing up the imagery, a beer for women could be very successful. 

Brand: Smucker's

Name: Natural Peanut Butter

Mode of Appeal: Logos. I consider this packaging Logos because of the logical connection the consumer considers during the purchasing process. This packaging displays facts and health benefits this jar of peanut butter offers, along with a healthy recipe on the lid. 

Consumer Experience Audit: The consumer immediately responded to the fact that this is an organic product. They also had a strong reaction to the type on the lid, they felt that the included recipe is a great way to think of the product as an ingredient not solely

Analysis: I would like to turn this into an Ethos. I would like to add a sense of authority to the facts provided on this packaging. This product struck me as a consumer immediately because of the top. The pattern immediately caught my attention but it was the information provided that kept me engaged. Perhaps this kind of product can be geared towards the family home, an importance placed on the health factor in ones daily life. 

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