Friday, March 04, 2011

Seven Deadly Sins

I have decided to continue with the idea of representing the seven deadly sins through the use of hair. I made a test shoot of this idea before I made my final decision whether to keep this idea or move on to a better one. This was the result:

Test Shot

After creating a photographic sketch of what I had in mind, I felt that this idea had a better chance of successfully communicating the seven sins than I had originally thought.  Although my ideal situation would be to communicate solely through the hair, it seems that I have to add supporting information, such as the use of facial expressions and body language. Which I can appreciate more now that I see how those two factors can strengthen the composition and the means of communicating. 









A few of these are not communicating clearly, such as pride and envy. By employing a few suggestions from my fellow classmates and Tyler, as well as reworking the overall motion of the hair, the communication will speak more clearly.

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