Friday, March 11, 2011

Keetra Dean Dixon

I found Keetra's presentation to be very engaging and thought provoking, as well as exciting. Her work has a wide range of variety and pushes the boundaries of graphic design as a whole. One of my favorite projects of hers was the Moments Between Me and You series. I feel that this a very clever and humorous idea that is memorable. I also find her ability to take risks to be very inspiring. She does not shy away from experimenting and pushing her ideas to the next level by simply asking her self, "what if?…" which is something I feel that I could do more often. One of her last statements was about making the work that she wishes she was making; allowing herself to generate work through her desires and making what she wants to see. If she doesn't make it then no one else will, or better yet, someone else just might.

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