Monday, February 28, 2011

Progress: Icons

 Today in class we had our last critique before our final icons are due. We went around the room and chose the strongest set of icons that reflected legibility, cohesion, style, and craft. It was helpful to look at my fellow classmates sets of icons because it outlined the standards that are required to achieve a set of icons that are beautiful and communicate appropriately.

My current icon set is shown above. Improvements from my last critique was the consistency of the the line weight and a more consistent scalloped pattern throughout each of my icons. In critique, it was noted that the legibility of the monstrance, confessional, and the candle need to be improved. The overall cohesion could use attention in the line work, such as the open ended segments of each icon. 

Below is the process I am currently using to build each icon. I begin with the drawing I made, then on top of that I create basic, geometric shapes of the drawing. I then begin to segment each line to have more control over it. After this, I begin to round out each of the lines, and lastly add the scallop pattern on to the icon.

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