Thursday, October 07, 2010

My Four Words in Progress

Well, have been working on my bitmap font and the progress I am making so far is going well. I have Tightened the structure in my letter forms so that they are legible and sharper. The inspiration for my typeface came from the army men themselves. I wanted to make a typeface that alluded to a fortress of solid weight. By using the heavy structure at the bottom of each letter, I feel that I have reached my goal.

In my first draft for my four words I had scaling issues. My little army men were not all consistent in size, so I have gone back into my files and resized the army men so that they were all of equal size.  My "O's " in BAZOOKA previously looked like "A's" and it read as "BAZAAKA," so I absolutely went back to the drawing table and fixed the legibility of the "O's". (I don't have the digital file anymore, for I have accidentally saved over it, but I will scan it in so that you can see the difference between the two letter forms)

This is my very first draft. It reads "BAZAAKA". See?

In the word "grenade" I definitely had some issues with the consistency of the cap height, again due to scaling. I have gone in and refined the baseline of the letter forms so that it appears as if they are sitting on a solid foundation. 

 I am currently still working on this very wonky version of "Atomic Bomb" so I do not have a revised version, yet, but it is on its way. I have to Rescale most of these letter forms so that there is a better sense of cohesion within the letter forms. Also, i think I am going to redesign the lower case "o", simply because i feel there is a better visual solution than what is being presented here.


I have now updated my "Atomic Bomb" composition! It took a bit of time, but I am much happier with my compositions overall. On to the next step!

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