Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Quality vs. Quantity

Its interesting how this method of creating pushes your next idea from the last. I have in the past focused either too much on quantity or too much on quality making for an unbalanced, unsuccessful approach to the problem at hand. Reading this article, makes me realize that over thinking any process only leads to disaster. Sometimes you have to step back and let yourself make mistakes to realize not only what works, but what does not work as well.

Thinking too seriously about things, I have found, limits me. Worrying about perfection during the process in anything I do distracts my mind from focusing on the communicative elements of a project and whether or not it is doing what its supposed to be doing. Yes, the work should be presentable and beautiful, but this is why there are sketches and first drafts. The idea of perfecting should only be employed towards the end of a final product. Why has is taken me this long to figure this out?! Well, it's a good thing I've found this now, rather than weeks from now.

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  1. It's something that takes years to get comfortable with. The fact that you understand that there is a difference between and valuable place for both "first drafts" and "perfection" is certainly something.